4 Things Introverts Want You To Know

4 Things Introverts Want You To Know

We’re all different and we each have our own ways of dealing with things and processing the world. It’s super important to get an understanding of other people’s perceptions and get to know these varied personalities beyond our own. In this way we develop a deeper understanding into different behaviours and it helps us to deal more kindly and empathetically towards others. The way we act and deal with several situations will not be the same as someone else. The way we absorb life and the way we are able to respond is again unique for each one of us. 

It’s not always easy being introverted in an extroverted world and I’ve realized how many people exhaust themselves by desperately trying to be an extrovert, believing this is the “default” standard. 

I’m definitely somewhere along the lines of both so I understand the feeling of being misunderstood and hopefully I can clear some things up. 

  1. When an introvert is quiet it doesn’t mean they are shy

Being quiet is not the same as being shy. Yes, there are many introverts that are shy, there are also extroverts that are shy. 

Introverts may not be scared to speak and it doesn’t mean they’re afraid of people they just need a good reason to interact. If they don’t have anything worth saying or interesting to add value to the conversation then they don’t feel the need to say anything just for the sake of talking and filling in for what many people consider an “awkward” silence which leads onto my next point–

2. Introverts love talking, they just hate small talk

Get them involved in a discussion on the right topic and something they’re passionate about and you might not hear the end of it. Most of the time an introverts brain is full of abstract ideas and they could be the most talkative person in the room as long as they’re not involved in meaningless chatter. It doesn’t always need to be a deep conversation, just something entertaining and engaging will do but they are totally comfortable with silence too.

3. Introverts love going out and socializing

They don’t want to be alone all the time and it really depends on who they’re going out with. In my case anyway, I’m adventurous and gain a certain level of energy from socializing but I also need that balance of alone time to process everything and recharge my social battery. Some introverts are more homebodies that others so it really varies from person to person. Basically, those with introverted tendencies get their main source of energy from within and are completely comfortable spending time alone. They enjoy social activities but don’t constantly feel the need to integrate themselves with other people in order to function. 

4. Introverts are not rude

Sometimes in large social gatherings, they just get overwhelmed and drained. They may give the appearance of being aloof and uninterested (which maybe they are) but sometimes they just don’t feel like talking to anyone – not because they’re moody.

Maybe they don’t want to show up to every single event and again they’re not being rude, they just want to stay home alone. That’s all. 


“My personality confuses people. I enjoy being alone, a lot, but I’m very outgoing and social. My environment dictates how I behave. Sometimes I’m loud, sometimes I’m quiet. I read the energy and adjust. There are times when I want to turn up and then there are moments where I want to read a good book, or process thoughts, alone.” Sylvester Mcnutt (One of my favourite Instagram poets) 

What I’ve come to learn is that our personalities are so much more intricate and complicated that people can’t really be categorised since we have multiple dimensions. So rather than labelling yourself or worrying about coming across a certain way and trying to be like someone else, start learning and getting to know who you are and start becoming comfortable with it. 

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Leah x

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