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Why You Should Embrace Your Singleness

Why You Should Embrace Your Singleness

We grow up in a society where relationships are romanticised and it’s almost an expectation that we should at least be working on getting into a relationship in order to find success and happiness. Especially for women, being single is still greatly stigmatised and unfortunately many people Read More

Can I Survive LIVING In New York City?

Can I Survive LIVING In New York City?

Without a doubt, New York is such a dream destination for millions of people! After living in Queens for a year and a half and spending most of my time in Manhattan I think I’ve grasped a fair deal of what life in New York Read More

Get To Know Me Tag

Get To Know Me Tag

I’ve always enjoyed reading and watching these “Get To Know Me” tags so I put together some questions I found on Pinterest and gave it a go just for fun. The questions get a little random but I’m sure you’ll definitely learn something new about me either way.

Let’s get it started-

  • Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? 

Trade looks for intelligence and maybe give me a little more common sense too !

  • If you had a warning label what would yours say?

Warning: Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.

Keep out of the reach of negative energy.

  • If you were another person would you be friends with you?

I think it would take a while to get to know me properly but after a couple margaritas I don’t see why not hehe.

  • Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 

Because everyone’s been begging to know the answer to this question haha- apparently I’ve been wearing shoes that are a size too small for me which is why I would always take forever to get them on and off. That isn’t an issue anymore. 

  • What is your favorite drink? 

Iced coffee but I mostly drink water.

  • Mountain hideaway or beach house? 

Both sound perfect to me. At this point in quarantine I’d take any, I’m not being choosy. But preferably that beach house please and thanks.

  • Hair colour? 

My natural hair colour looks black but it’s a very dark brown. 

  • Do you wear contacts? 

Yes. My physical vision is terrible but I think I can see through you pretty darn well. 

  • Favourite dessert? 

This is so hard because I have a big sweet tooth but one of my favourites is Tiramisu. 

  • Scary movies or romance?

I’m always in the mood for a good thriller but romance has always been at the top. 

  • Summer or Winter? 

Summer forever! I just wanna be a beach babe.

  • If you were a man for a day what would be the first thing you do? 

Eat as much as I want without being judged and go out shirtless whilst I’m at it. 

  • What is the weirdest thing you find attractive in a person? 

Veiny arms…but not too veiny…this is so weird.

  • If you got stuck in an elevator and were forced to listen to only one song what would it be? 

Diva- Homecoming album by Beyoncé. Perfect to put on my own personal performance as  long as I’m trapped in there alone. 

  • What do you miss? 

Going outside!!!

  • First thing you notice in a new person? 

Their confidence and how comfortable they are within themselves.

  • Favorite style of clothing?

I haven’t really found my signature style I just enjoy experimenting with various looks. I’m super inspired by 90’s fashion, edgy outfits but also chic and feminine styles. One of my favourite things about travel is actually putting together different outfits that fits with the scene of the country I’m visiting. 

  • Favorite book?

The Great Gatsby for sure. That just made me super sad because it reminded me how we all thought 2020 was gonna be about fancy Gatsby parties but really we’re all just stuck at home and summer is cancelled. 

  •   Favourite movie?

La La Land. I could watch this movie on repeat. I love everything about it- the jazz, the dancing, the setting, the characters. Unpopular opinion but the ending is my favourite part.

  • Current relationship status? 

So cliché but in love with meeeeeeeee 

  • Favorite vacation? 

My first vacation alone with just a friend was actually to New York and so far that was the best trip I’ve had- then just a few months later I moved here and have lived here since. 

  • Last book I read? 

The Analyst- I found this in a random bookstore back in England for only £1 and I honestly couldn’t put it down. I love mystery novels with an intriguing and totally unpredictable twist.

  • Do I ever get good morning or goodnight texts? 

Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. 

  • Hugs or kisses? 

I’d rather you didn’t touch me 🙂

  • Who is on your mind? 

Wouldn’t you like to know…

  • What does the most recent text that you sent say? 

“What do you mean?” Sorry it’s nothing juicy.

  • Favorite part of your daily routine? 

Honestly right now I don’t even have a routine.

  • Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? 

Definitely a combination of both I’d say 51% introvert 49% extrovert. Sometimes I’m so outgoing other times I’m the complete opposite. 

  • How many children do you want and why? 

I want a cat.

  • Would you rather only be able to shout for the rest of your life or only be able to whisper for the rest of your life? 

Whisper. I don’t want everyone hearing my personal life, not that I have anything to hide… clearly…

  • Would you rather always be underdressed or always be overdressed? 

Turning up overdressed never hurt nobody.

  • How do you think that you will die? 

Making friends with a serial killer in the Bronx because they seemed cool and friendly but little do I know…

  • What are you afraid that people see when they look at you? 

This HUGE spot on my face right now. I think this is supposed to be more of a deep question so in that case I’d say I’m afraid of people seeing me as insecure or lacking personality.  

  • If you could get on a plane tomorrow to anywhere where would you go? 

Dominican Republic so I can dance Bachata all day and all night. 

  • Are you living a meaningful life? 

Well that just got disrespectful! Let’s leave it here. 

Thanks for stopping by


Distance & Time- Appreciating Long Distance Friendships

Distance & Time- Appreciating Long Distance Friendships

We get so comfortable with our current situation; a job, a social circle, the regular weekend plans that when something out of the norm takes place it takes quite an adjustment to adapt to a new level of normalcy.  Today, I wanted to talk about Read More

2020- 5 Intentions I’m Establishing NOW

2020- 5 Intentions I’m Establishing NOW

This new year is especially significant for me as it’s the start of a new decade for life in my twenties. I’ve been told that it’s a super exciting time and many people have experienced some of their best days in their twenties. Along with Read More

Memoir of an Italian Summer

Memoir of an Italian Summer


You charmed me with each and every winding street you took me through, with every glass of wine and with every bridge leading to pretty shops and mesmeric worn out houses.

Wondering through the alleyways with no end destination in mind; just observing the little old lady emerging from her home, hanging up her washing and children playing in the square- like any other ordinary day. 

Laying beside the canal in the warm nighttime breeze and listening to the notes of the untroubled water was comforting; drowning out the clamor of tourists on the street. Despite being built upon by a restless town, the lagoon remained undisturbed. 

I remember breathing in at that second, inhaling the present moment for what it was,  and for a minute- everything stopped. 


The Amalfi Coast

A picturesque scene of quaint towns, submerged within the mountains and surrounded by turquoise seas. 

The crisp ocean air brushed against the warmth of my bronzed skin. Lost in the movement of waves rolling back and forth before crashing harshly against the boat surface.

As the night draws to an end, there is nothing but silence in between the clicking of my heels against the staggered cobble stone streets.

Although I am not a lover of sweet Limoncello- and climbing a million stairs in a vertical city is exhausting, I would walk up them a thousand times more, all to end the night with another Amalfi sunset. To gaze upon hues of magenta, a red blue ombre slowly spilling into the deep horizon. 


Thanks for stopping by!

Ciao, Leah x

Perfectionism and Procrastination

Perfectionism and Procrastination

Perfectionism// Setting highly unrealistic standards for yourself and chronically avoiding failure. In other words, a one way ticket to low self worth and feelings of hopelessness. Whilst aiming for your best and holding high standards is definitely a positive characteristic, when taking this to the Read More

Reignite your Mojo

Reignite your Mojo

As of late, I had been feeling very unproductive and highly disorganised. When going through major transitions it gets a little difficult for me to keep a routine and some sort of structure in my life. I often neglect things that are not on my Read More

Capturing London- A Photo Diary

Capturing London- A Photo Diary

So I’ve been gone–for a while. After many months away from blogging, I’m finally back and better with brand new content on the way.

I recently moved from the UK to New York back in December and things have been pretty restless as expected. (More details on this coming shortly).

Now that life is slowly steadying out, I’m ready to start sharing my words once again.

So anyway, let’s take it back to November, the week before I left to New York. I know this was a long time ago, but hey, it’s never too late for a London photo diary. Although I grew up in England and only a couple hours drive from Central London, I never really made the most of my time there and would definitely get lost on my own.

As my departure date drew closer, I began thinking about everything I hadn’t yet done enough of in my home country. A day trip to Central London is of course a very touristy option but since I had not visited too often, this was a priority.

London is saturated in culture and history that I just didn’t want to miss out on before leaving. Even though I only got to experience a fragment of everything London has to offer, it was an opportunity to just have fun with my friends and create memories to take with me on my journey.

I can’t help but feel inspired by the vibrant street art and abstract designs; crafted by talented and outlandish minds.

The graffiti, quirky store fronts and fluorescent colours; I wanted to melt into the walls and become the art itself. Taking a picture in front was good enough I guess!

For now, please enjoy the more aesthetically pleasing photos, whilst the crazy pictures and videos stay safe in the comfort of my photo album.

See you next time.


Leah XO

The Healthy Path to Self Improvement

The Healthy Path to Self Improvement

The importance of self-improvement: By evaluating where you are in life in relation to where you would like to be provides the motivation to work towards your goals and develop your current talents. Overall, becoming a better version of yourself leads to improved self esteem.  Read More