Can I Survive LIVING In New York City?

Can I Survive LIVING In New York City?

Without a doubt, New York is such a dream destination for millions of people! After living in Queens for a year and a half and spending most of my time in Manhattan I think I’ve grasped a fair deal of what life in New York City is really like. The idea of living here is super dreamy but it’s not cut out for everyone. I put together some reasons you need to be okay with before actually making a full time move to the city. 

  1. EVERYTHING costs SO MUCH more-

It’s an obvious one that any metropolis is going to be expensive but you really don’t realise how much of your income just disappears in the blink of an eye. Literally most of your monthly earnings goes towards rent. Groceries, beauty services, clothing etc… will cost a lot more too. 

Of course, if you decide to move to NYC, you usually want to experience as much as you can so expect to spend a lot on going out to dinner several times every week. Even when I brought my own lunch into work I’d usually end up ordering out anyway because I was surrounded by all  these amazing culinary options in Midtown- whatever I was craving I could surely find hundreds of places and more. Obviously you don’t have to, but once you get here it’s hard to say no. After a while you end up forgetting how much things should actually cost and find yourself saying something like, “so it’s not normal to pay $9 for a coffee?”

  • FOMO is real- 

A city where you could never stop exploring and always stumble upon something new. New restaurants, new rooftops, new pop up art galleries, plays, classes and concerts. I have a list of things and places I want to see and do but that list is getting overwhelmingly long. You will have to come to terms that you’ll never get round to everything in NYC and that’s just something I don’t want to accept.  

  • Overcrowded-

With a population of over 8 million in such small parameters there’s no such thing as personal space. Expect to always be pushed up against people and you gotta keep moving. Don’t ever randomly stop in the middle of the sidewalk. Just don’t do it.  If you’re already feeling suffocated by reading that then NYC may not be for you.

  • It’s not all Glitz & Glam- 

When you think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sex and the City, you’ll create a glamorous and dazzling vision of New York. Don’t get me wrong, this is all still true but there’s another not so stylish side. Like bags of trash lining the sidewalks. What a beautiful sight. Dirty subway stations, the smell of pee and there’s rats too. Lots and lots of rats!

  • Life will be super fast paced- 

It’s a stimulating city and if you’re not used to it you could face sensory overload. Millions of people are rushing past you. You look in every direction and there’s something different going on. It’s like this day and night. Not only are the people physically on the move but your life in general will be at full speed. You just keep on going!

Despite these reasons some people complain about, I really couldn’t picture myself wanting to live anywhere else right now. It’s definitely a tough city to make it in and it’s never going to be perfect. I soon experienced some really difficult times and expect more challenges to come my way but collectively I’ve had the best time of my life here which makes it all so worth it. 

 I always wondered when it will hit me that I live in New York but honestly I don’t think it really has. It was times when I was heading back home from work on the over ground 7 train into Queens as the skyline gradually disappears from sight. Or when I’m hanging out with friends and get stuck on the subway after a long night out. I have these little moments where I just stop and realise that I live in New York. Once that moment has passed it feels like a dream all over again, until I remember it’s not. 

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Leah x

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