How To Avoid Clothing Shopping Mistakes

Identify what you already have in your wardrobe

If you’re anything like me then you may often describe your wardrobe as complete chaos. It’s really important to know what items you already own before you splurge on new clothes that you never really needed in the first place.

Make a list

Now you are aware of what’s missing from your wardrobe, write down exactly what you’re looking for. This will prevent unnecessary purchases and will help you stick to a budget. Try categorising your wardrobe into types of clothing, noting down what you need in each category. For example, for tops, do you need a specific style of blouse or graphic t-shirts…etc?

Know your style

Sometimes we get a wave of a “lets live life on the edge” mentality where you just want to purchase those bright stripy trousers. Whilst going out of your comfort zone is never a bad idea, make sure that you carefully think about your personal style and whether the new piece fits into that. This will help to avoid that pile of clothes you’ve never worn with the tags still attached and long overdue the return date.

Avoid impulse buying

When you walk past an insanely discounted piece of apparel, it definitely takes a lot of will power to say no. If you’re not overly in love with the item in your hands and cannot really see yourself wearing it then do not just buy it for the price as once again it will go unused. With the frantic sale atmosphere it’s not difficult to find yourself losing control on your spending.

Shop around

We live in an era where the shopping industry has drastically expanded. You can find many similar clothes in a multitude of stores as well as online shopping sites. Before making an expensive purchase, ensure to have a look around several places before settling for the first option. Most of the time you can find exactly what you were looking for at a much cheaper price. With online shopping, it’s now easier to compare products than ever before.

Do you have any shopping tips? If so, share them in the comments!

Ciao, Leah x






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