Perfectionism and Procrastination

Perfectionism and Procrastination


Setting highly unrealistic standards for yourself and chronically avoiding failure. In other words, a one way ticket to low self worth and feelings of hopelessness.

Whilst aiming for your best and holding high standards is definitely a positive characteristic, when taking this to the extreme, the perfectionist behavior is crippling and self-destructive.

From a young age, I have always desired everything to be exactly as planned out in my head and if I did not reach the intended quality in my work- it was nothing but a disaster. This would lead to procrastination as a way to avoid failure. I would delay tasks because I didn’t feel I could do my best.

This had continued to follow me throughout the years and was only getting worse, so I decided to make a post on this to consciously make an effort on improving this damaging way of thinking.

To put simply, being a perfectionist sucks the joy from anything you find enjoyable.

I can’t just write a blog post without re-reading it a million times over; then over again. And then critiquing the formation of each and every sentence. Whenever I looked back at my older posts, I would begin to dislike what I was reading and felt the need to delete. This is ultimately the worst way to deal with the situation. How can you do better when you stop yourself from trying completely? Of course, my writing and experience is not at the level it will be next year but the only way for it to improve is to not give up and write relentlessly now.

I can’t even just post a photo on Instagram because the positioning was slightly off and my hand wasn’t placed exactly where I wanted it. This may sound lame…well…it is. What can I say, perfectionism- she’s petty for sure.

There is no doubt that we should all strive to be better versions of ourselves each day. However, we need to keep everything in the right perspective. We are not perfect, so it would be ironic to try and achieve perfect in imperfect condition.

I’m learning to just let go. To stop excessively overthinking and not believing in the quality of whatever I do.

I’m working on being more positive towards myself and not being overly critical. Keep in mind that there is always room for improvement and every day is a new opportunity to enhance yourself little by little.

Be proud of where you’re at right now. Enjoy the process of growth. Try new things each day. Make mistakes.


If you have any tips on letting go of the perfectionist notion, please leave them in the comments!


Thanks for stopping by.


Leah XO




Reignite your Mojo

Reignite your Mojo

As of late, I had been feeling very unproductive and highly disorganised. When going through major transitions it gets a little difficult for me to keep a routine and some sort of structure in my life. I often neglect things that are not on my list of “priorities,” whether that’s working out or enjoying my hobbies.

Having moved across the world and pretty much starting again, it’s no wonder that I was in need of a new routine to give me some sense of stability. As exciting as it was moving to New York, it was definitely A LOT of change and adaptation all in such a short space of time. Once arriving in the city, I soon secured a job in Manhattan, integrated with a bunch of new people, making new friends and began getting accustomed to a different way of living.

This was also my first full time job after graduating from college last summer, so I’m still getting used to all the fun and tears of the office. Soon enough my days were morphing into one another and I was left feeling in need of something else.

As much as I loved going to work in NYC each day, I had settled into a procedure where that was all I did Monday through Friday. My job isn’t my passion. I wasn’t going to live my life only on the weekends. Working full time doesn’t allow much room for many other activities during the day and so I realized I needed to change up my pattern to experience a more meaningful and enriching 24 hours.

I now make sure to get a head start by waking up just a couple of hours earlier than usual. This minor tweak allows me a chance to explore the small corners of the city and wander through crowded streets in search of empty bookstores: to read, to write, to create.

I’m beginning to rekindle my groove as I relish this vital time to myself each day to work on my goals. I love delving into personal projects in little coffee shops, surrounded by the buzz of busy people, because in those moments I feel an empowering solitude. In those moments I can reflect on everything I am doing right now and smile; knowing this is just the beginning and the best is yet to come.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of time or not being exactly where you want to be, begin by making slight adjustments to your day to work on that. Gradually, you will make a huge collective improvement. This year I’m learning to not get so caught up in just the motions of life but to do more of what sets my soul on fire.


I hope you enjoyed this little post today, I definitely have much more to say on this topic so expect a part II.


Have you ever felt a similar way? What helped you to reignite your mojo? Let me know in the comments!


Leah XO

Summer Bucket List + Journal your Journey

Summer Bucket List + Journal your Journey

My favourite season is upon us which means late nights in the pleasant warm air and the irresistible smell of BBQ filling every block in town.

It’s the time of year where everyone and everything comes to life and I’m feeling a pep in my step.

I always enjoy compiling a list of activities I want to accomplish by the end of summer, as well as setting short term goals to achieve by the time Autumn arrives.

My sunny season plans usually look the same every year so I also decided to share with you my New York bucket list to get excited for my first summer living in the big city.


Anyway, just things I wanna do…

  • Beaches, beaches, beaches. And lots of volleyball.
  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Camping
  • Water Parks
  • Take a salsa class
  • Plan and book an Italy trip (already in the process, yayyyy!!)
  • Roller skating outdoors
  • Yard sales
  • Learn how to make a dress
  • Hiking/Running


Things I wanna do in New York…

  • The Hamptons/Montauk/Fire Island
  • Try AS MANY food spots as possible
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Canoe ride in Central Park
  • Brunch on a rooftop, pool on a rooftop, movies on a rooftop…everything on a rooftop
  • Outdoor movie at Bryant Park
  • Attend a baseball game


Make it last a lifetime. Here are some creative ideas to document your summer plans coming to life.



This is your chance to use your imagination and make something you can physically flick through when your future self is reminiscing summer 2019. Collect anything and everything that can be glued into your own personal scrapbook; movie stubs, concert tickets, museum visitor maps, train/flight tickets and even candy wrappers that left you sweet summer memories. Of course combine this with your regular photos from the day. The best part is that you can be as messy and disorderly as you want and just go with the flow.


For those of you contemplating starting a blog, what better way than to document your summer months than on your own web space. You can practice taking more put together photos and enhance your writing abilities as you know you’ll be showcasing this project to the world.

Travel Video Diary

If writing isn’t your thing, have a go at filming each day. You could go vlog style or just make a compilation of your favourite photos and videos to the background of your summer playlist. This doesn’t have to be a clean-cut montage of a perfect summer in your dream vacation spot. No matter if you’re staying in your own city and doing regular activities, every year is different and new memories are made. It’s the videos that are caught in the natural moment that always hold the most amusing recollections.

Memory Jar

If you’re not interested in starting a project but still want to recall the little moments of your summer, have a go at making a memory jar. Each day write something/anything. Whether it’s an activity you did, an interesting conversation you had or your positive mood that day. Write it all down on a strip of paper; keeping it short and sweet. As summer draws to an end you should have a jar over spilling with all sorts of happy reminders that you would have soon forgotten.


What’s on your summer bucket list? Leave your plans in the comments below!



Leah XO



The Healthy Path to Self Improvement

The importance of self-improvement:

By evaluating where you are in life in relation to where you would like to be provides the motivation to work towards your goals and develop your current talents. Overall, becoming a better version of yourself leads to improved self esteem.  Not only do you improve your own body and mind, your relationships with others are also enhanced as you make improvements on personality traits and mental/physical health. 

On the other hand, It is crucial to realise that  self improvement is a journey and that we always have something to work on. When taking an unbalanced view, it can lead to self destruction where one creates ideals of perfection, striving for the unattainable. This is the pitfall of self improvement if it becomes an obsession.

Here are some tips for a healthy self improvement journey:

1. Start Small-

When i want to start again and make changes, I get super excited and overly eager to do everything all at once and then after the first day I’ve lost my motivation to improve, thinking it’s not possible. Being realistic is necessary as working on one thing at a time will be manageable to achieve in our non stop lives. By making minor changes in your life will encourage you to make another minor improvement which will eventually have a greater collective effect. 

2. Write down specific but not measurable goals-

By putting down a date and time period for achieving goals can lead to disappointment if we don’t meet the goal. As I already said, self improvement is a journey and we can better ourselves each day. There is no finish line or stop sign to end self improvement as there is always something we can work on within ourselves.

3. Compare yourself to who you were before and not to someone else- 

It’s in the name. SELF improvement is about focusing on enhancing yourself. So why would you make comparisons to where someone else is at on their path. If you are better than the person you were yesterday then that’s exactly where you should be and you’re heading in the right direction!

I’d love to read some of your tips on this topic so feel free to share them in the comments 😊

Thanks for stopping by,

Ciao, Leah ⚡️

18 Things I’ve Learned In 18 Years

18 Things I’ve Learned In 18 Years
  1. Nobody has their life together…FACT. 

Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is facing their own inner struggles no matter how perfect their lives may appear. We never really understand the difficulties they are definitely dealing with. On the outside, things may appear to be ideal but just know looks can be (very) deceiving.

  1. Put your camera down

Of course you want to capture the good memories in your life, but most of the time we easily end up fixated on our phones trying to catch the perfect picture; scared about forgetting the little moments. This year has taught me to absorb my surroundings and realise that not everything needs to be physically documented. Some things can have the pleasure of living infinitely in our thoughts.

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak out

Voice your beliefs even if it means being the odd one out. Don’t hold back your views just to go along with the crowd. BE YOUR OWN PERSON.

  1. Live in the moment

Stop losing focus on what’s happening today. We’re always thinking about what could have happened and what we could have said or done but forget to stop for a minute and take in what’s happening now in the present.

  1. Enjoy the little things

No matter our problems we all have much to be grateful for. Appreciate your favourite food or a random conversation with a friendly stranger and learn to find the joy in the little things in life.

  1. You will be disappointed 

Whether that’s failing a test or being let down by a friend. Sometimes (often), things don’t go to plan and we’re left feeling negative over our high expectations. Disappointment is unavoidable but don’t let it stop you from personal growth. It will get better.

  1. Let go of the things you can’t control

Life is unpredictable. Now i know this seems pretty obvious, but so many of us feel like we know something for sure and then something unexpected happens-turning the world upside down. Within months weeks or days your life could drastically change for the better or worse. Ironically, trying to control what isn’t in your power will only take away the control you do have and lead to feelings of helplessness.

  1. Roll your eyes at bitter people

Use them as an example of how not to behave.

  1. You will not be liked by everyone

Many people suffer from the fear of being judged and try to change themselves and people please in order to be liked. The sooner you realise this lesson, the quicker you can move on to focus on bettering yourself for yourself and not for others.

  1. Don’t be afraid of showing your personality

As cliché as this sounds, it really is something many of us find agonisingly difficult. The truth is that there are people who will absolutely love you for yourself. Just be the little freak that you are and embrace your silliness.

  1. Value positive energy 

Appreciate the good people in your life whether they’re long term friends or just happy acquaintances with happy vibes.

  1. Procrastination. Will. Kill. You
  1. Life goes on

No matter what happens in life, it keeps moving forward and you will be okay.

  1. Conformity is never a good idea

You don’t have to work towards what is seen as the norm in society depending on your “stage” in life. It’s easy to be influenced by the pressure from others telling you what to do, but remember it’s your life and you make your decisions. Be brave to do something different.

  1. Being an idealist doesn’t always mean being naïve

Keep dreaming and keep working towards your big life goals.

  1. Real success is showing love and kindness even when no one is looking
  1. Invest in yourself

Find your passion and inspire yourself with a hobby. Take time to do the things you enjoy which is a serious must for your mental well-being.

  1. Don’t restrict yourself

You may seem crazy to everyone else and maybe you are! Create goals that scare you and force you to leave your comfort zone. Take calculated risks. This is where new opportunities await.