Summer Bucket List + Journal your Journey

Summer Bucket List + Journal your Journey

My favourite season is upon us which means late nights in the pleasant warm air and the irresistible smell of BBQ filling every block in town.

It’s the time of year where everyone and everything comes to life and I’m feeling a pep in my step.

I always enjoy compiling a list of activities I want to accomplish by the end of summer, as well as setting short term goals to achieve by the time Autumn arrives.

My sunny season plans usually look the same every year so I also decided to share with you my New York bucket list to get excited for my first summer living in the big city.


Anyway, just things I wanna do…

  • Beaches, beaches, beaches. And lots of volleyball.
  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Camping
  • Water Parks
  • Take a salsa class
  • Plan and book an Italy trip (already in the process, yayyyy!!)
  • Roller skating outdoors
  • Yard sales
  • Learn how to make a dress
  • Hiking/Running


Things I wanna do in New York…

  • The Hamptons/Montauk/Fire Island
  • Try AS MANY food spots as possible
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Canoe ride in Central Park
  • Brunch on a rooftop, pool on a rooftop, movies on a rooftop…everything on a rooftop
  • Outdoor movie at Bryant Park
  • Attend a baseball game


Make it last a lifetime. Here are some creative ideas to document your summer plans coming to life.



This is your chance to use your imagination and make something you can physically flick through when your future self is reminiscing summer 2019. Collect anything and everything that can be glued into your own personal scrapbook; movie stubs, concert tickets, museum visitor maps, train/flight tickets and even candy wrappers that left you sweet summer memories. Of course combine this with your regular photos from the day. The best part is that you can be as messy and disorderly as you want and just go with the flow.


For those of you contemplating starting a blog, what better way than to document your summer months than on your own web space. You can practice taking more put together photos and enhance your writing abilities as you know you’ll be showcasing this project to the world.

Travel Video Diary

If writing isn’t your thing, have a go at filming each day. You could go vlog style or just make a compilation of your favourite photos and videos to the background of your summer playlist. This doesn’t have to be a clean-cut montage of a perfect summer in your dream vacation spot. No matter if you’re staying in your own city and doing regular activities, every year is different and new memories are made. It’s the videos that are caught in the natural moment that always hold the most amusing recollections.

Memory Jar

If you’re not interested in starting a project but still want to recall the little moments of your summer, have a go at making a memory jar. Each day write something/anything. Whether it’s an activity you did, an interesting conversation you had or your positive mood that day. Write it all down on a strip of paper; keeping it short and sweet. As summer draws to an end you should have a jar over spilling with all sorts of happy reminders that you would have soon forgotten.


What’s on your summer bucket list? Leave your plans in the comments below!



Leah XO